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Love marriage specialist astrologer in india

When they are in relation, they want to spend time with each other and easily fall in love with each other. It is in a trend in these days. Some parents change their own according to the children and like demand of time. But some are not ready to change their thinking or way for their children. They think that love marriage is not acceptable at any cost and this is against their traditions. They think that rituals only allow the family to find bride or groom for their children. On the other hand, children want to marry only with their partner. They also want to select life partner by their own or according to their choice. The only generation gap is the reason behind the thinking of children’s and parents. The love marriage specialist astrologer in india can resolve the problems of your love marriage very easily. You can trust on our association because our AS astrologer has 15 years experience of astrology. You can consult with AS Astrologer regarding any trouble. Love is a very part of a relation.

Role of Love in life

The love is an indispensable part of everyone’s life. It gives inner confidence make brave to confront the problems which you have in your love marriage or personal life. The love marriage specialist astrologer in india has familiarity to eradicate these kinds of issues. As we know that love is wonderful key to make a relationship very strong. In the previous time, love has importance. That time, people also fall in love with a person and when people are more against with them than now. Most of the people are well educated and they understand their children better. Also they give freedom to their children in every field whether the field is study, style, dressing even in marriage.

The parents and children have good understanding with each other. Some parents change their mentality and point of view according to their children’s generation. That is good thing for both of them. But on the other hand, some parents are very strict. They do not change their thinking for any person. Also, they are staunch about their traditions and rituals; they follow their elder’s rules and traditions and want same from their children but children are the modern generation, they do not like old traditions.

Love marriage specialist astrologer

The modern generation wants to do love marriage. That time our AS Shastri ji is like a key to open the lock and enjoy beautiful life ahead. So, you can discuss your problems with them. The love marriage specialist astrologer in india always helps people who have love marriage related issues because he well known with people’s problems, he daily deal with people who have these types of troubles.

Love marriage services in india

The love marriage specialist astrologer in india has lot of experience in the astrology field. He is serving the services related to love marriage issues from many years. If you want to live happily with their partner then there is need of true faith, mutual understanding and love. Love plays important role through this you can confront with any trouble, whenever you suffer with issues then you can take help of love marriage specialist astrologer. In love marriage, a person faces many obstacles to get married with their love. Some time, your parents are not ready and some time, your society and ever your partner also avoid you. All these types of problems have solutions; you only need to access right astrologer.

Love marriage hurdles and get solution from AS astrologer

The love marriage specialist astrologer in india knows your all love marriage issues and provides you valuable solutions. There are many hurdles that are faced by people like the major issue is parents then society and many more. The other difficulties are inter caste marriage problem, standard issue and money problem. If you have difficulties in your love marriage then contact to AS Astrologer. He can solve your every matter also in a simple method.

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Love Marriage Specialist in Mumbai

love marriage specialist in mumbai In normal, we think that our life becomes heaven if we get our love easily and spend whole life with that person with care and sweet. Here, AS astrologer is world renowned tantric and also in horoscope prediction especially in the field of love side like love predictions, love compatibility and in love marriage or inter caste marriage.

The skill of best reading in checking compatibility between relationship charts that specializes the qualities of our world’s best love marriage specialist in mumbai. In love marriage astrology, Relationship charts plus the introduction about the birth of the partners are very essential to check the connection of the love couples. The love marriage is co related with the love partners and as we know it is difficult to explain the love to parents especially when our parents are strictly follows all the elders’ rituals.

Role of astrology in Love marriages

Astrology in the regard of love marriage or in love life is a wide spell art or study which calculates the match and compatibility between the groom and bride or success of relations means can analyze anything and gives best remedy for it. The astrology is a study of examine the possibility of love marriage, chances of success, study of objects, stars and planets, effect and movements of astrology on the human life and other deep things are available in the study of astrology science. The love marriage specialist in mumbai is one of the astrologers who offers positive services and especially takes care of the side effects of the method so that clients can not hurt from that.

Love is major aspect in every relation

As we know love is a very unique present of nature which needs care for life time to be kept but some time it is not really happen because of some misconceptions and arguments, relationships break and people left with the broken heart. In regard to save your relation from the awful fights or break ups, our astrologer will provide you valuable services and withdraw the negative vibrations and fill your life with positive vigor and happiness. The love marriage specialist astrologer in mumbai can draw out your issues from your life and bring joy in your married life.

Astrology techniques that can remove love marriage issues

In astrology science, there are many techniques that help a lot in removing hurdles from love marriages or inter caste marriages and the methods are following that can change your life from thorns to bed of roses. All methods are useful in love marriage isuue.

Dominant black magic

Potent vashikaran technique

All vashikaran mantras

Tnatric vidya

Voodoo spell

And other tricks

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Love marriage specialist in Lucknow

Love marriage specialist in Lucknow – Are you facing love marriage problems? Do you think your lover is trying to cheat you? Do you suspect extra marital affair? Want to re-create the magical love which was lost? Love is a beautiful feeling and has unconditional depth. AS Astrologer is the best love specialist in Lucknow. Love affairs to love marriages have been a conflicting topic in India.

Modernization also has changed the outlook of love relations a lot. Fake love and fading feelings is a common thing. If you have found that one person who is your true love, then do not let it go! AS astrologer has helped more than hundreds of couples across India which makes him the best love specialist in Lucknow. He has helped them solve their love issues and troubles. Want to live a peaceful future with your love interest? Are you feeling ignored or out of commitment? Connect with us for best results to every of your love related troubles.

India’s Best Love Spell Specialist Astrologer | AS Astrologer

AS astrologer is the best known love guru in whole India. He is quite famous for helping the love couples. No matter what kind of problem or what degree of problem you are facing, we have the best solution for you. He has been working to help mankind for more than 20+ years. With more than thousands of successful cases, he has been a savior of many couple in distress.

Love is a wonderful feeling. In the world full of fake people if you have got that one person who makes you feel special, then do not let him/her go. Problems are very common to every couple but facing the troubles together takes the strength as relationship works with two together. Do you think that you lost the sheen and bonding in due course? AS astrologer can help you! He is the best love specialist in India. Here are the benefits of using love spells for solving all your problems:

·    Love is the most powerful magic! Thus, the spells are powerful in equation.
·    Genuine in nature and results are based on natural bonds.
·    No side effects in any case.
·    They are over powering if done correctly.
·    The spells are effective in solving all your love issues.
·    Long lasting effects which can last throughout life.
·    Builds and boosts up the love bonds by sparking the old magic.
·    The mantras are very safe and do not backfire.
·    You can use the spells on your lover without any doubt as they are 100% safe to apply.
·    Misunderstanding, fights, arguments or disinterest can be solved effectively.
·    Being powerful, they can help overcome black magic and vashikaran spells cast upon you.

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Love Problems Solved By AS Astrologers | Solutions To All Love Troubles

AS Astrologer provides the best solution to all you love related problems. He has been widely appreciated by many couples across the nation. Every couple dreams of getting happily married! What if your love partner does not give commitment? Do you think your parents will not accept your relationship? Are they against love marriage? Is your love partner cheating upon you? Here is a small list of issues being faced by couples of today:

1.    Arguments & Fights
2.    Financial Disparities
3.    Rejection By Parents
4.    Societal Differences
5.    Commitment Issues
6.    Loss Of Interests

Here are the solutions being provided by our love guru Babaji, AS astrologer:

·    Love Spells For Love Marriage Solutions
·    Black Magic Mantra Removal Love Spells
·    Love Vashikaran Dua
·    Love Back Spells
·    Get Your Ex-Wife or Ex-Husband Back In Life
·    Get Back Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend

AS astrologer is here to help everyone! He is an ethical astrologer who has mastery over vashikaran and black tantra mantra vidya. Our Babaji works for the happiness of humanity. In case your love life is facing any kind of storm, then you can call AS astrologer at +91 9872282206 for best solutions.

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Love Marriage Specialist in Indore

Love Marriage Specialist in Indore

Love Marriage Specialist – Do you want to get married to the love of your life? Want a perfect solution for all your love issues? Are the society issues making it worse for you to keep up with the vows you made to your lover? As astrologer is the best known love marriage specialist in whole India. He has been serving the love couples with his valuable knowledge about the Hindu Jyotshi Shastras.

Love is a powerful feeling. It has the power to destroy some of the most powerful of the magic in the world. The pure love of Savitri protected her husband from the evil snare of death lord, Yama. Such is the power of love! Life of today is full of struggles and confusing states. If  you are going through such a time where you are getting confused over what to do to keep up with you love, then As astrologer can help you.

Societal differences, inter-caste marriage, differences due to status and class to religion and custom etc can be solved here. If they are creating troubles in your relation, then directly contact As astrologer at @ 9872282206 for quick & effective solutions.

Why Do You Need a Love Marriage Expert?

In a country like India, love marriage is still a restriction by many. The marriage being based on parameters like religion, caste system, financial status and class has always been the trend. People less understands that love can happen to anyone with anyone. Fights and arguments are something which takes place regularly in a relation. It does not mean that you don’t love each other. It is just a phase of a relation.

Who does not want to click pictures with their love along with their family! One big happy family is dream of every couple. Astrology can help you in fulfilling your dream marriage. He can help you turn your dreams into reality.

love marriage specialist in indore

What Are The Problems Faced By Love Couples Of Today?

Couples of today struggle a lot in their present life when it comes to relations. In today’s world, keeping a healthy relation is even more difficult. You get into loads of fights and arguments to keep your differences apart. You try to mend things with family affairs to keep the smooth flow going on. Usually couples goes through questions like will his/her family able to accept our relation? What if they did not? We know you cannot live without him or her.

Mainly the couple of today go through a lot of struggles. They are as follows:

·    Arguments & Fights
·    Rejection By Parents
·    Financial Disparities
·    Societal Differences
·    Commitment Issues
·    Loss Of Interests

Love Marriage Services Mastered By Our As Babaji

As astrologer is some of the finest love marriage specialist in the town. He has more than 15+ years of intense knowledge and wisdom in solving love affairs. With more than thousands of success stories under his kitty, he has been named the love guru by many his clients. He is well versed with astrological tantra mantra vidya. All the services are affordable in nature.

1.    Love Spells For Love Marriage Solutions
2.    Black Magic Mantra
3.    Love Vashikaran Dua

Contact Information

Name : Pt Arun Shastri Ji

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Love Marriage Expert in Ludhiana

Getting guaranteed love marriage problem solutions – Crystal gazing has been instrumental in procuring various elements of our life. Veneration and relationship is one such essential piece of human life which deals with the significant and as a less than dependable rule covered sentiments of a man. A birth chart, organized on the reason of the planetary positions at the period of birth, would have a true blue examination of our character, energetic feelings and wishes as said by popular love marriage expert in ludhiana.

On the reason of the position of relationship inferring planets like Mars and Venus and specific houses like the seventh, fifth and eleventh; a Vedic heavenly prophet will have the ability to grasp about the distinctive issues that can concern or impact relationship at different motivations behind time. A decent and instructed love marriage expert in ludhiana would moreover consider the present and inevitable planetary ventures and its consequent effect in our relationship issues. Vedic Astrology can help us guarantee and strengthen our associations with friends and family, the consequences of which can be seen once you begin having confidence in it and tailing it.


Social unions are made in heaven and this is the thing that we overall recognize as truth. Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is altogether not exactly the same as our dreamland. In this present reality, marriage is a string of unremitting change. We might need to trust that love, obligations and insignificant sweet wistful deals which will allow us to have a smooth sail through our married life. The whole arrangement of love marriage expert in ludhiana say, the coldblooded in all actuality a not too bad physical relationship is an imperative settling in equation of a consistent and sprightly married life.

To rise above the sufferings that we confront at present, had confronted in the past or might confront later on, we need to view things from another perspective. Planet Venus is the prime pointer of physical association in marriage and torment to Venus causes turmoil in married life according to our eminent love marriage expert in ludhiana. The standard planets associated with physical relations in a horoscope are:

  1. Venus – It rules outside regenerative organs of females and guys
  1. Mars – It rules hostility, longing and blood course
  1. Moon – It rules imaginative capacity, longing, adoration and emotions
  1. Saturn – It controls the impotency and bizarre physical inclinations
  1. Rahu – It leads the energy for outcaste
  1. Mercury – It leads the prodding, arrangement and impotency

The houses associated with physical relations in a horoscope are:

  1. Fifth house – contemplations, mind, imaginative capacity
  1. Seventh house – key spot of physical relations, mating, internal sex organs
  1. Eighth house – traps, loss of reputation, outside regenerative organs.
  1. Ninth house – connected with extra marital relations
  1. Twelfth house – spot of bed pleasures


At whatever point, there is a blend of Venus and Mars in a horoscope, there is overindulgence in physical wishes with Mars adding enmity to it as indicated by the itemized study by our love marriage expert in ludhiana. Retrograde Venus or Mars executes peculiar physical inclinations and never prompts a smooth relationship. A man with this planetary position either thoroughly abstains from any kind of physical relationship or passes on things to a more than ordinary degree which may choke.

Rahu and Saturn imbue anxiety and trepidation towards physical relations. At whatever point Saturn is placed in 6th, third, twelfth or tenth spot of a horoscope, the individual is more enthralled with foreplay rather than genuine intercourse. Closeness of Saturn in these houses can provoke parcel in married life, however if the life assistant grasps the need of the other accessory encountering this stage; such conditions can be overseen appropriately.

If society ends up being more careful and figuring of horoscope is fittingly done by a capable love marriage expert in ludhiana, absurd challenges can be evaded. If these examples are recognized early and the love marriage expert in ludhiana suggestion is taken fittingly, a couple can have a more significant and tried and true relationship conceivably. With the assistance of vedic crystal gazing by our regarded celestial prophet AS Sharma, we make you get in a state of harmony with future goals while bringing after first involvement with the world ascendant, planet positions and your sun – moon sign.

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Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer in Pune

Relation between love and astrology and other important aspect of a person’s life – How perfect would you say you are with your present accomplice, mate or companion? Did you realize that crystal gazing can uncover a radical new level of comprehension between individuals basically by taking a gander at their soothsaying graph and that of their accomplice? What are the possibilities for the relationship?

Everybody needs to trust as per love marriage specialist astrologer in Pune that they coexist well with others yet we have all met individuals with whom we didn’t get along well. Wouldn’t it be decent to know early regardless of whether two individuals are good? Whether your accomplice/life partner is going to cheat in a relationship? It would spare a great deal of time and exertion. In 12 months term each year you see chilly climate, warm climate, blustery season, and at times witness earth shakes, typhoons, and tornados.

Love marriage and compatibility signs

At the point when two individuals are as one for adoration, sentiment; following houses as per love marriage specialist astrologer in Pune fall in place.

  1. There is companionship amongst them, and the fellowship is spoken to by the eleventh house in their crystal gazing graphs.
  1. There is sex, enthusiasm between them which can prompt pregnancy. The sex, enthusiasm, and pregnancy is spoken by the fifth house in their crystal gazing outlines.

love marriage astrologer

  1. On the off chance that they choose to get hitched, then their marriage is spoken to by the seventh house in their crystal gazing diagrams as per love marriage specialist astrologer in Pune. The seventh house speaks to legitimate ties. All sentimental or business associations, contracts and so on in life are spoken to by the seventh house in the crystal gazing diagram.
  1. After marriage their family is spoken to by the second house in their soothsaying outline.

Ruling planets

The Ruling Planets in any soothsaying outline as per astrologer A.S Shastri, our love marriage specialist astrologer in Pune, comprises of the accompanying:

1: Your ascendant sign ruler in your crystal gazing outline

  1. Your ascendant nakshatra ruler in your crystal gazing outline
  1. Your Moon sign ruler in your crystal gazing outline
  1. Your Moon nakshatra ruler in your crystal gazing outline
  1. The planet speaking to the day when you were conceived

The important houses

So, the second, fifth, seventh, and eleventh houses as per love marriage specialist astrologer in Pune, advance joy, love and sentiment in the marriage/relationship. Particularly in the event that you discover a mate whose decision planets at the season of their introduction to the world trigger the fifth house in your crystal gazing graph, and the other way around, then there will be a solid science, fascination, and affection amongst them and they will be emphatically drawn towards each other for adoration, sentiment and sex. They will meet each other surprisingly when it is possible that one will experience the mahadasha/bhukti/anthara of the planets associated with second, fifth, seventh, and eleventh houses.

Satisfying houses

The houses according to our love marriage specialist astrologer in Pune which invalidate satisfaction in marriage/relationship are fourth house, sixth house, eighth house, twelfth house, and Badhaka house. The fourth house in the crystal gazing graph gets disillusionment love matters as it invalidates sex, adoration, sentiment, and pregnancy in life since it is twelfth house to fifth house. The sixth house brings forlorn time, coldness in relationship, separation, brief or changeless partition in marriage/relationship as it refutes seventh house matters, for example, marriage/perpetual relationship.

The eighth house in the crystal gazing graph brings contentions, battles, distinction of feelings in marriage/relationship, yet it doesn’t end the marriage/relationship. The twelfth house is the place of general misfortune, for example, loss of marriage, and loss of cash and so forth. At that point there is Badhaka house, which gets savagery marriage/relationship if there is association between seventh house and the Badhaka house.

For any sort of relationship whether it is a sentimental one or business one you would prefer not to get included with somebody, whose decision planets at the season of their introduction to the world are the significations of fourth house, sixth house, eighth house, twelfth house and the Badhaka house in your crystal gazing graph. We work on your houses to tell you what is best for you. We are experienced in making love charts and giving love related suggestions.


Name – Pt Arun Shastri Ji

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Love Marriage Astrologer in Mumbai

All that you must know about Love astrology – Love and soothsaying has its own unique planning as per our love marriage astrologer in Mumbai. There are signs inside your advanced outline that will help you sharpen into those extraordinary years when another person will come into your life or it’s an indication of a marriage year.

Types of love

These are the two primary varieties of affection as there are eight sorts of marriage in the entire world.

  1. Passionate Love: In enthusiastic adoration a man is joined sincerely regardless of how far or close the object of his warmth might be. This sort of absolutely passionate adoration is spoken to by the Moon as Moon is the leader of feelings.
  1. Physical Love: Physical affection is absolutely due to the natural structure and the leader of sex is Venus.

How is love astrology performed?

  1. To start with you need to have your natal diagram so as to contrast your advanced graph with it. There are three advanced diagrams to work with. There’s your sent coordinated diagram, chat coordinated outline and your sun powered curve advanced graph.
  1. When you get your advanced diagrams, you can start to contrast them with your natal graph (a three wheel outline is suggested).
  1. Every planet advances at an alternate rate. When one of your adoration planets advances to make a perspective to one of your natal love planet, you have a love year. This year helps in bringing you either another adoration relationship or perhaps a marriage year!
  1. Perspectives that are framed by the advanced planet to the natal planet are the most grounded, however you will likewise see them making angles to the next advanced planets. Our love marriage specialist in Mumbai has seen love associations when charts were seen. However, above all advanced to natal were seen better. Much of the time you’ll discover up to 3 of these pointers from all or any of these blends.

Love Marriage Specialist in Mumbai

What to search for

Here’s a rundown of what our love marriage specialist in Mumbai search for. The planet in strong is the advanced planet, alternate planets can be natal or advanced. Furthermore, love planet is Venus obviously!

  • Venus – Sun, Mars, Moon, Ascendant, Jupiter, Descendant and any planet in your seventh house or your seventh house ruler.
  • Mars – Venus, Sun, seventh house planets, Angles and rulers.
  • Sun – Moon, Venus,Mars, Chiron and Angles (particularly the Descendant).
  • Moon – Sun, Venus, seventh house planet or ruler and Mars.
  • Advanced Ascendant/Descendant – Moon,Venus, seventh house planets, Jupiter, Sun and rulers.
  • Advanced MC/IC Angle – Moon, Venus,seventh house planet or seventh house ruler and Mars.

The perspectives seen most as often as possible are conjunction, trine, and the sextile. In any case, squares and restrictions are noted also.

The much of the time seen perspectives for affection in crystal gazing are between these planets all together:

  • Sun/Venus
  • Venus/Mars
  • Sun/Mars
  • Moon/Venus and Moon/Mars

Any of the adoration planets to the Angles and seventh house ruler are seen carefully by our love marriage specialist in Mumbai. Also, one more to take a gander at is your Arabic Part of Marriage and adoration planets making an angle to this point. When you are contrasting your advanced affection planets with natal/advanced planets, search for a sphere inside 1 degree.

What do our astrologers do?

Our love marriage specialist in Mumbai search for Venus to work her enchantment from the time the angle is near to 1 degree after. Mars works somewhat speedier, so they search for a sphere 1 degree before to correct. All the others are in progress at whatever time the circle is inside one degree – before or after.

To calibrate the planning of when adoration or a marriage will happen, our love marriage specialist in Mumbai look to the travels that set off the movements. In the event that you are as of now in an adoration relationship and you are searching for a marriage year, this works as well. That gives you a diagram of adoration – crystal gazing style.

We are enthusiastic about crystal gazing and trust it is an important asset to comprehension about ourselves, our connections and at last the procedure of life. We have a site that spotlights on crystal gazing reports (natal, similarity and travels) and numerous pages on soothsaying by our expert astrologer AS Shastri.



Our famous astrologer AS knows with all the tricks and tools that helps in uprooting issues related to anything. He is well educated plus experienced and never ever disappoint any their client and always provide best services.


Name – Pt Arun Shastri Ji

Address – Mumbai

Phone Number – +91 9872282206