Astrology is a superstitious belief that things like the motions, positions, and relations of the planets, the moon, and sun can be used as a way to interpret or predict human characteristics, affairs, and activities. But In real word astrology  is a science that depends on objective and rational evidence; astrology does not. The difference is not subtle and is very important.

An astronomer uses very advanced math and science to interpret celestial events for objective scientific pursuits. An astrologer uses interpretations of celestial events in order to try and gain information into human endeavors.

Make Life Better Than Before by Astrology

Gone are the days when people used to blame their fate for bad happenings, now taking the control over future has become a matter of few minutes. Just a few little careful steps are needed to follow to head towards a smooth road.

After consulting a trusted astrologer and knowing the future predication, the first and foremost step should be taking preventive measures. Similar to medical science wherein medicines have been prescribed to get well soon; astrology also provides some astrological remedies which have the potential to cure every domain of life including personal and professional.

How Astrology work ?

In Vedic Astrology, the mostly researched subject is the role of Nine Planets in our horoscope and ultimately in our lives from birth and beyond. These are said to be the rudiments of astrology which has the power of determining the mysteries of future. While some planets change our lives for good, others tend to bring disastrous situations. Using the right Planetary Gemstone can tap in positive energy from the ruling planets.